An extensive selection of services, powered by the talents of hundreds of digital media experts.

…Kttp has reinvented the website development business model – saving businesses money and resources while shaving off the design and development time-to-market.

Enjoy the benefit of working with a diversified team who will advise you on all the possible web products and services, both currently available and on the immediate horizon.  This includes ready-made software as a service solutions as well as low-code platform options that can help your staff deploy applications faster and at a far lower price-point.

Team members can be as vertical-specific as you desire. Our talent network is extensive. So if you’re only interested in designers and developers with experience in your industry because that’s where you feel you’ll get better quality, consider it done. After all, it’s your web project.

Before starting any custom design work, we workshop with you to develop an intimate understanding of your company, brands and overall web objective. An analysis of your competition, target market, unique selling proposition and personal preferences helps drive our design process. We believe in a user-centric online experience that focuses on usability first without compromising aesthetic appeal. Our team always delivers a vibrant and high-end custom web design with a focus on converting visitors to positive action.


  • Website Design & Development
  • E-Commerce Development & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile & App Development
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing & Production
  • Low-Code Platform Training


Kttp is the new way to develop web assets. Spend your money and time wisely. Contact Kttp today for a free, no-obligation quote.


Design and function closely integrated to optimize conversions.


All projects include powerful scalability options, as code is rarely limited. We encourage a modular approach with all development projects.



CMS options give you unlimited possibilities to easily customize the content on your website.


A full range of design styles available. Our firm’s dynamic structure allows for maximum diversity.


Enjoy access to the latest features available at the most cost-effective price.


High-end custom designs with a focus on converting visitors to positive action.

Huge range of useful features and extremely easy to use.
Fully WPML compatible. Easy to add languages.
Loaded with tons of user-empowering features and functions.
Most advanced best-of-breed all-in-one solutions
Highest quality in code standards & visual aesthetics
Best in class coding for the ultimate in user experience.
Usability & Design
Conceptual Analysis
UI Development

A Comprehensive Range of Web Products and Services

Custom Web Design

Our niche-specific virtual teams provide a distinct advantage when it comes to custom and high-end web design. We have access to hundreds of high-end web designers, and because of our dynamic team structure there is no pressure to retain any designer that can’t realize your vision. This unique facet of the Kttp business model translates to better design and a faster turnaround on what is often most challenging portion of any web project.

Video Marketing and Production

Video is by far the fastest growing media vertical in the modern digital landscape. Given the proliferation of high-speed broadband technology today, video is an easy and accepted way to develop new, dynamic relationships with your clients and customers. Conveying your unique selling proposition by video helps establish a bond of trust between you and your audience. It also strengthens existing relationships with your client or customer base. At Kttp, we develop a video strategy and creative approach that is on-brand, engaging and compels your audience towards positive action.

Custom Application Development

We develop quality integrated web-based applications using well-documented and standard compliance programming code as the fundamental backbone for application-driven websites. The use of a stable, standardized and compliant backbone allows for an expandable architecture that is both flexible and scalable for your internal IT staff, as well as any future programmers wishing to add to the code.

Database Development

Our database design and development team is committed to delivering well thought out, reliable, high-quality custom database solutions to our clients. We combine superior database architecture and high-performance database programming to create the ideal solution to meet your needs. Our database developers and administrators are experienced with multiple platforms and are skilled at combining high-end design and core-code implementation to create a solution that fits.


Larger e-commerce applications should rarely be coded from scratch due to the vast reliance on integration with existing third-party services such as shipping, online shopping channels, established affiliate feed compilers, and many other online marketing tools and resources. Procurement and integration of the ‘best fit’ modules is central to the deployment of a successful e-commerce system. This way, your e-commerce site can be launched and vetted much faster, and with a much higher standard of stability compared to a completely custom-coded solution.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the intentional ranking of your website to the top positions within a search engine’s natural results. We work to achieve a rank above the competition through optimized content writing, strategic link building, search engine friendly web design and development, as well as a number of other tactics that all combine to propel your website ahead of your competition.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, refers to paid placement of a website within a prominent position on search engines regardless of the depth of a given search. A thorough analysis of your competitors’ online campaigns is critical in establishing a winning pay-per-click campaign that will provide a positive return on investment. Careful planning, strategic writing, and bidding for keywords and keyphrases to produce optimal positioning under sponsored results is key. Continual monitoring, A/B testing, and multiple ads tied to specific landing pages are all important factors to increase click-through and ultimately positive conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) creates buzz, branding and exposure through interaction with social media network channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and several other social media networks. However, caution should be exercised – blindly pursuing a social presence doesn’t always result in a net gain, and instead exposes companies to serious privacy issues as well as leaving a portion of their customer list open to competitive cannibalization. We can launch an effective social media campaign that will safeguard your customer list as well as address the challenges posed by the often-overlooked privacy issues.

Analytics & Reporting

Proper website analytics are absolutely key to increasing conversion and determining what advertising and site development produces the best rate of return on investment. We will provide your website with actionable, realtime intelligence on online strategies and marketing initiatives. We will help you identify the most profitable paths through your site, determine where visitors are losing interest or confused, and identify critical success metrics to increase site conversion and justify/deny specific web initiatives.

Low-Code Platform Training

Recent advancements in low-code platforms allow your staff to easily create and modify simpler applications without the need for expensive programmers. Kttp can train your staff to work with these tools to create and modify existing web applications. We have found that this process can be extremely beneficial not only in cutting costs and deployment times, it can also help develop far more complex tools by allowing staff to conceptualize and communicate ideas that would otherwise be too costly if it were left completely to a senior programmer. Your staff will gain valuable insight into what is possible. In collaboration with the programming team assigned they will be able to develop tools and applications that they wouldn’t have been able to even conceive of without the help of a low-code platform.