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A Web Development Company in 2018

What should a web development company look like in 2018? At Kttp, we’ve reinvented the website design and development business model to save our clients money and resources while shaving off their time-to-market. At the core of our resource-efficient model are remote teams, working across the web to form a dynamic talent pool that provides greater collaboration and overall quality.

This virtual team structure makes all the difference. Instead of one programmer owning the entire development of your site, we break down the job and distribute different facets to different experts. This creates an open development platform that invites transparency, cooperation, and cost-savings through everyone bidding on their facet of the project. In addition, we specialize in the application of software as a service and low-code platform solutions to further reduce development costs and empower your staff.

Our core founders each have an average of 15 years of online web development experience. Outside our inner-circle, we have access to an industry network of hundreds of web developers, web designers, and other web professionals – all at the top of their given professions.

Our primary mission is to empower our clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their web presence. Think smarter, work smarter, web smarter with Kttp.



Vertical-Specific Teams


Vertical-Specific Teams


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Graphic design, web development, programming, content development, video and animation, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, social media marketing, channel management, affiliate management, content management, and of course robust analytics and reporting.


Team members can be as vertical-specific as you desire. If you’re only interested in designers and developers with experience in your industry because that’s where you feel you’ll get better quality, we’ll get those people on the team. It’s your team. You’re in control.

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To save our clients time and resources while empowering them to work smarter.

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…Look forward to our next project. A great experience!

Marcus Fields
Chief Inventor, Innovations Lab

…It’s been a great experience working with Kttp. We’ve realize significant savings and production times were much faster than anticipated.

Jeniffer Burns
Marketing Manager, Creative Heads Inc.


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